Our Purpose

Sales Ally is one of the few contact managers that is geared specifically for the sales professional. Sales Ally serves the need of sales professionals and their team-members to spend less time on organizational procedures and more time actually selling their products and working with clients. Sales Ally is the perfect blend of CRM, SFA and contact management within a very inexpensive and affordable package.

Our Product

Sales Ally adds hours of productivity to your day. Designed for the personal computer, laptop, or networking environments, Sales Ally will assist the sales professional in their daily office procedures such as prospecting, event tracking and client contacts. The program provides unlimited flexibility in record management. Detailed and accurate information is available instantaneously to better serve client, prospect and clerical or managerial needs. Sales Ally gives you the power you need to quickly execute your best sales and marketing strategies. Put the power of Sales Ally on your computer and watch your business grow.