Applicant Tracking Software
Harnessing Human Capital. One System. No Limits.

Recruiter’s Ally applicant tracking system (ATS) is a true all-in-one front office for both recruiting and on-boarding. Take control of your work flow process with a full set of features and tools that help you manage your pipeline from new contact to satisfied employee. Unlike other ATS front office software with minimal functionality, Recruiter’s Ally is a true all-in-one solution for both recruiting, transition and on-boarding management so you don’t need to use a separate system for each function. This is a web-based, SaaS, On-Demand solution so recruiters from multiple locations can work well as a team and to allow managers instant visibility into every relationship thus ensuring recruiting and staffing targets are on track. And, with built-in lead generation tools, you’ll not only manage your recruiting pipeline better, you’ll fill it, too.

The Recruiter’s Ally relationship management and ATS platform provides all the resources you need to:

  • Manage applicant contacts in the “funnel”
  • Navigate the staffing, applicant and on-boarding process
  • Track contacts, profiles, notes, activity dates
  • Empower you to do your best
  • Stay ahead in a competitive world
  • Use the Web for staffing
  • Pull it all together for a team approach to recruiting
  • Keep the pipeline full
  • Utilize a single source for information
  • Know more, work smarter, achieve success!


We welcome you to see an online demo and test-drive the Recruiter’s Ally ATS software solution. You will immediately recognize that we are committed to our customers’ growth and success and the term “Ally” fits perfectly. After the demonstration we send an e-mail price proposal for your review and start up the system upon first payment.

Applicants and Top Talent

Track and manage applicants, contacts and managers the way that works best for you.

Planning and Scheduling

Set appointments and keep them with Recruiter’s Ally easy to use activities scheduling and activities calendar tools. Know where your applicants are in the process at all times.

Reporting and Analytics

We build perfect reports for your needs. For adhoc reports, you can also export all data in any way you envision to Excel. Recruiter’s Ally software offers you total flexibility in reporting and analysis.

Employee and Alumni Management

With the system you can also track post-hire, employee activity as well as the all important, after-departure, staff alumni relationship management details.

On-Boarding: Enhance the Process to Ensure that New Hires Succeed in their First 90 Days and Thereafter

A recent survey of HR execs showed that 80% of companies do either a poor or mediocre job of acclimating new employees. That means that many of us are spending huge amounts of money on advertising, search fees, testing, background checks and pre-employment interviews to find the “perfect candidate”- then throwing it all away by mishandling the candidate’s transition into the organization.

This process, now commonly called “on-boarding,” is widely misunderstood and vastly underutilized. Why? Because it’s easy to underestimate just how difficult it is for new employees to adapt to a new job and a new culture and it takes a long time for them to contribute.

Recruiter’s Ally Drives an Effective Transition Plan

When companies take a “Let ‘em sink or swim” attitude, the failure rate is extremely high, particularly for higher-level employees and the monetary price tag – one to four times the person’s salary – is only part of the cost you pay. Failed hires hurt morale. They increase workload. They create stress. And, frankly, repeated miscues make your management team appear incompetent.

The good news is that you can dramatically improve your success rate and avoid the staggering cost of failed hires if you implement a systematic “on-boarding” process at your company with Recruiter’s Ally.

Recruiter’s Ally supports On-Boarding Actions and we help you:

  • Tailor A step by step on-boarding process covering the first 90 days
  • Upgrade your “Employee Orientation” program
  • Debunk the Myth of rapid assimilation
  • Design a new employee experience that captures both the Head (Rational/Cultural) and the Heart (Emotional/Relational) of the new employee
  • Give new employees a “fast start”, and extended “romance”
  • Make the business case for on-boarding to senior management
  • Show that effective on-boarding has more power than compensation
  • See why on-boarding can’t be accomplished by the hiring manager alone

Recruiter’s Ally helps manage recruiting, transition and on-going employee relationship management. Take advantage of our experience and give your on-boarding process a wake up jolt.