“My life is wrapped around Broker’s Ally version 9. I was very pleased that the Quick Start Guide that came with the upgrade helped the installation go flawlessly, it worked like a charm. I have a boat in the Mediterranean that I go to each year; without Broker’s Ally I would never be able to go. I LOVE BROKER’S ALLY!”

Michael G.Senior Investment Advisor


“Broker’s Ally version 9 starts and ends my day. Clients hear from me when they should, I avoid contradictions, I get compliments for reliability, and people are impressed by my amazing recall from 1994 (when I first started using Broker’s Ally). The capital value of our business entity has been vastly improved because Broker’s Ally fosters consistent business processes. And, it has helped me to dodge the bullets when the inevitable firm mergers occur.”

John K., Financial Advisor


“I’ve installed the new Broker’s Ally version 9 and it’s bigger and a lot easier to read. I really appreciated all the help and support! This will make my business more efficient and productive.”

Mark G.Managing Director



About Scherrer Resources, Inc.

Scherrer Resources, Inc. provides information technology services to more than 500 of the world’s leading investment and financial institutions, including many of today’s most influential and innovative organizations. Not surprisingly, our clients have recognized our application software and e-services as a strategic component of their overall business strategy — and have turned to Scherrer Resources, Inc. to help them deploy high-profile IT and MIS services in CRM, SFA, and other client management and marketing service offerings. Spanning the complete spectrum of the – from retail broker/dealers, clearing firms, to bank holding companies — our customer-base looks to Scherrer’s proven solutions as a means to:

  • Strengthen relationships with their most valued customers
  • Generate additional revenue opportunities
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Keep the pipeline full
  • Increase customer retention
  • Facilitate cross-selling
  • Gain competitive advantage