Our Purpose

Broker’s Ally software users and their associates are a strong affinity group, managing more than $240 billion (and growing) of their clients assets, do cumulatively more than 120,000 investment transactions per day (that’s 30 million new investments per year), and provide investment advice to over 4 million clients worldwide. Broker’s Ally users have average incomes over $75,000, are dominantly male, are spread over 36 mostly-English-speaking countries, have higher than average discretionary incomes and are the single largest influence upon their clients investment decisions. These, and over 1 million other professional investment specialists, comprise the community of BrokersAlly.com viewers.

Our Product

Broker’s Ally is a powerful marketing tool that helps financial consultants open new accounts, gather assets, do trades and manage the financial details of customer relationships. The application provides unlimited flexibility in record management. Detailed and accurate information is available instantaneously to better serve client, prospect and clerical or managerial needs. Broker’s Ally gives you the power you need to quickly execute your best sales and marketing strategies. Put the power of Broker’s Ally on your computer and watch your business grow.