Advisor’s Ally Software – Practice Management Software for Fee-Based Advisors

Advisor’s Ally is a comprehensive software service. The pricing of Advisor’s Ally CD and service is based on a fee-based model to best align with the needs of our advisor clients for their cash flow management and expense reduction, as follows:

Advisor’s Ally License and Support Services pricing:

  • 1-5 person office: $500 per quarter.
  • 6-10 person office: $1000 per quarter.
  • 11-15 person office: $1500 per quarter.
  • 16-30 person office: $2000 per quarter.
  • 30 and above in single office: $3000 per quarter.

This quarterly fee includes access to all newest software releases, quarterly training from your relationship manager, and access to help desk technicians on an as-needed basis.